Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Getting Lost, Just To Be Found

Every day I think about blogging again. I think about all those people that may or may not read this little piece of the internet. To be honest I miss writing, it's a good outlet besides breaking something lol.

It's been a while, there have been a ton of changes, a ton!

Before I start, for any new readers let me intro myself. My name is Stefanie and I'm fat. I don't have big bones, it doesn't run in my family, and it wasn't a hand I was dealt. I love to eat and I'm lazy. That is how I got how I was. When I started this journey in January I was close to 260 pounds, my goal is to get down to 150 pounds and be a competitive heavy lifter.

The struggle, is real.

As most of you know I stared all this in January of this year, and here we are all the way in December. I haven't blogged much because honestly I haven't had a ton of free time. There are daily updates on my instagram ( @stefanieelizabethphotography ) and some of you have found me there, you are welcome to follow me if you want. :)

As I sit here today I've lost a good amount of weight, but I still have about 70 pounds to go.

A lot of you have asked how my 24 day cleanse went waaaaay back in the day. It went amazing and I really encourage you to do it if you are on the fence. I'm gearing up to do it again starting tomorrow, my version is a little modified due to my training schedule but none the less, if you are thinking about it...go. No really stop reading and go get it.

Losing weight sucks. Let me tell you. It's not easy, sometimes it's not fun at all and it's the biggest emotional journey you will ever take in your life. I've cried more at the gym during training sessions that I have cried in most of my adult life. The most important thing is that you know that it is okay to cry, it's okay to fall but it's in no way okay to stop.

There have been so many days that I have wanted to give and say "fuck it!" I'll just be heavy and I'll just own it, but in reality that isn't what I want. I was to earn it, I want to sweat and scream and be sick of eating healthy, I want all those things so at the end of all this I can say that I earned it. It wasn't given to me. For me, it's one of the most important things.

I know I've said it a million times, but I really want to keep up on this blog. I loved reading everyone's comments and encouragement. I think that it is vital in anyone's journey to something that they want.

So here we go!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014


A wise man once told me "You don't JUST plateau, you CHOOSE to plateau" at first I was thinking to myself "WTF, I'm going to smack you" then....after thinking about it, he's right.

Let me explain...

So on Feb 10th I joined RevSLO and just like anything you do, at first you do it give 150 billion percent of yourself....well I was like that with Rev. I bought all the gear, went to all the classes, got featured in the newsletter...ect

The best part? The results! The weight just started melting off, people noticed. Like anything, if you do the same thing over and over again it starts to burn you out. Well 5am PT, followed by an 8 hour workday, followed by a workout at night, then a 40 min drive home, then editing photos till god knows what time....burned me out fast. I decided that the best thing to do was take a vacay from work and recenter myself.

I think that was my biggest mistake. See, Rev is in San Luis Obispo, CA where my office is. My house is over 30 miles coming to work made it easy to go to the gym. Now, lets remove coming to work....and I had no reason to drive all the way to SLO. I did go to the gym a little the week I was off, but I got a taste of what my old life was like, sleeping in until 6am (yes you read the right) and staying up late watching TV. I'll admit it felt good. Something else I'll admit....I started to not feel so lean anymore.

Don't get it twisted, I'm no sculpted piece of ass, I'm still very overweight....but two weeks ago my collar bone was starting to show and now I'm working all over again to get back there.

My trainer said that for every day you miss of working out, it sets you back a week. $)%#@

Needless to say I'm back at it, twice a day every weekday.

Now, I need your help. I need reciepes! I see all this bs on instagram (follow me @stefanieelizabethphotography) about all these meal prep companies pushing their "pre-packed" meals....thats crap. I want to cook...but I literally don't have the time in the day so I need easy or crock pot type throw them at me!!!

The moral to this blog...even when you are tired and burnt feels so much better to keep going than to give up...never give up. When you feel like giving up, remember why you took that first step to begin with.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Hopefully some of you are still reading or checking in on me! I'm alive...some things have you can see.

Let me start by answering a question I'm getting alot:

My review of advocare and how did I end up?

Well as you can see I ended up great, but it wasn't all Advocare. Let me explain...

Advocare was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me. I taught me how to eat, how much of what to eat and basically reset me.

I only lost about 10 pounds on advocare, but since finishing my 24 day challenge in Feb I have since lost almost another 30 pounds.

A really good way to catch up via photos is by Instagram: stefanieelizabethphotography

But after Advocare I joined a gym called RevSLO. Rev is an upcoming gym in the town that I work in, it's all about bringing fitness back to basics. I have a personal trainer that I work out with 3 days a week. In addition to that, I also workout taking classes.

Some of this might be a little repetitive to some, if you have been following me from the start.

Here is a sample of one of my weeks:

Monday: 5a PT + 5:30pm Spin Class
Tuesday: 6a Spin + 5:30pm Team Training
Wednesday: 5a PT + 6a Bootcamp
Thursday: 6a Spin/Abs + 5:30pm Team Training
Friday: 5a PT

I know it seems like alot but I like that I'm working out every 12 hours. As you can see it works lol.

So basically I wanted to say hi again, and let you know that I'm going to posting regularly again, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I need an outlet and writing helps with frustrations I have and I get to all of you out there!!!

So that's all for now! More tomorrow!


Thursday, February 20, 2014


I'm back!!

So much has happened! I'll be blogging all about my end results on Advocare as well as the newest adventure I have been on for the last three weeks.

Thank you so much for all the "we miss you's!" you have NO CLUE how much they have made my day!

Stay turned!!

Love you guys!!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Calling all CREATIVES!

Hey all!

I need some help! I need a really cool catchy #hashtag for my journey. I'd love it to involve my name is possible (Stefanie or Stef) but it doesn't have to. It DOES however HAVE to have the words revslo in it.

Please comment with your ideas!!!

Thank you!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day 22: It's raining!!

We woke up to rain this morning!

Unless you live under a rock, you know that California has been in major drought mode and we have had literally no rain this year. While all my readers almost anywhere else in US are cussing at the computer screen right now, it's been hot ( 80 degrees ) I'm so ready for some winter!

Since it was raining my shoots today cancelled.

I didn't have a scale at the hotel, so I checked out early and went home lol

I was not happy.

I guess a part of me expected it, but I was still mad. This scale is starting to play games with my head. HELP? Tuesday is my last day getting on the scale everyday. I'll explain more later. 

So a .4 gain....sigh....that's like a really long pee....I thought about going to the bathroom and getting back on....but just excepted it and moved on with my day. 

My new Spin shoes came in the mail on Friday and I hadn't had a chance to attached my cleats yet so I spend my Sunday morning watching Brian put them on bwhahahaha. :)

After that we went over to Big 5 to get an ankle brace for me. 

There were so many to choose from....

I ended up going with the one on the left, the only real reason why is because it had metal grommets for the laces and the other one just had holes...I let you know how it works out. 

From there it was almost lunch time and all I had in me was my shake and egg whites so I knew I needed to eat, you know what else I needed to do more? Go to the DAMN store...we were like Old Mother Hubbard and didn't have crap in the cupboard hahahahaha 

I had remembered seeing a recipe on good ole Pinterest for mashed cauliflower that "tasted just like mashed potatoes" I still had two heads of I thought...why not?

So you will need:

1 head of cauliflower cut into 1 inch piece ( I just broke off pieces )
1 tbs fat free cream cheese
1 small garlic clove minced 
1 tsp of Mrs. Dash

Get a small pot out and bring water to a roaring boil.

Rinse off your veggie and make it so fresh and so clean lol

Realize you need a bigger pot....fill IT with water and bring to a boil....sigh

Add cauliflower and boil for 6-7 min, I boiled mine for 10 to make sure it was soft

While your cauliflower is boiling, mince fresh garlic

When your cauliflower is done, drain and set on paper towel to remove excess water. Cauliflower already holds alot of it's own water, so try to get it as dry as possible. 

Add 1 tsp Mrs Dash to your food processor. 
** side note, it was at this moment, that I realized my blender base which powers my food processor was at work &$%#$*(@ . UGH! Then I realized I had my small and I mean small manual food processor from pampered chef! GENIUS! **

Add your minced garlic

Realize that your way too small food processor isn't going to work and you are making way to many dished for yourself to do...sigh....and debate going back to bed....

I moved the whole mixture to a glass mixing bowl and did it the old fashion way with my potato used to have a smiley face but after one too many trips through the dish washer it's now

Mash up until it resembles mashed taters....


Okay here is my review.....yuck! Hey! Just trying to be honest. I think some of that "yuck" might have to do with the fact that they were only slightly warm....and it didn't taste ANYTHING like potatoes....womp womp. I forced it down because I was hungry. I don't think I'll make again, unless you have suggestions?

The rest of the day was spent like this....

Prob not the best idea since tomorrow I start something amazing, that will get it's own blog post coming up!!!

I relaxed and enjoyed a Top Chef marathon and the rain, and most likely my last day not being sore for a while :)

6pm rolled around and I finally got out of bed. I still needed to go get gas and grab a couple things from WalMart

I decided that I would rather pump gas at 7pm in the rain than at 5am in the morning. 

From there I was off on a search for decent workout gear. I went to Kohls and was so irritated ten min into my search. Let me explain something to workout clothing manufacturers out there...there are most than just s/m/l people that work out! And Nike....your version of an "XL" is a's not an XL at all, you MIGHT be able to pass it for a large...maybe. Work on it. 

I left Kohls angry and frustrated and headed to WalMart. My friend Jeri told me that is where she gets alot of her workout clothes. JACKPOT!

I didn't try anything on, I was over it at that point and was just hoping for the best....$115 later I had all of this! 

Four pairs of pants, three jackets, three tank tops and a pair of wind pants!

Owned it. Out of all of that, only one pair of long pants didn't fit, the rest does! YAY!!!!

Thank you WalMart....for once :) I highly suggest you go search at your local Wallyworld and look for's pretty awesome!

From there, I survived the parking lot and headed home to get ready to leave at 5am tomorrow morning for RevSLO.

I'm what you call an over achiever. I felt like a kid getting ready for their first day of

For now it's finally off to bed!

Stay tuned!!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 21: Naked & Starving

Great title right?

Well when I'm not working full time, I'm also a photographer. Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner I had a special for ladies to have boudoir photos done. If you are unsure what that it. It's pretty amazing and a great way to feel beautiful!

So Saturday morning I got up and hit the scale....

Holy shit! 10.4 pounds gone and goal #1 hit!


So my morning was spent getting ready for my shoots, checking into the hotel....oh and not eating. Which I would learn later turned out to be a mistake....

Do you have any idea how bad I wanted to lay in this all day....but gotta hustle!

So fast foward to 8pm and I must have drank only 40-60oz's of water and hadn't eaten AT ALL...ugh I was starving and grumpy. Brian came and picked me up and we were planning on eating at Pepper Garcia's for dinner. I had my whole healthy meal planned. FML they closed at nine...we pulled up at 9:02pm. So Brian suggested Panda. I must have looked at him like a crazy person....but nothing else was open....

I had a panda bowl with steamed veggies and chicken and string beans. It was the best I could do. 

Before I started eating I snapped a photo of my poor ankle.....tomorrow I'm going to go get a brace....

By this time it was almost 10pm and I wasn't even hungry anymore. I took three or four bites and was over it, I crawled into bed.

Not the best blog, but it's all I got. 

Hope ya'll had a good Saturday!